Twitter Fleets New Bug – 2020

Twitter Bug
Twitter Bug

Due to a bug in Twitter, some newly published Fleets will not be deleted automatically in 24 hours.

On several previous occasions we have informed you about the new Fleets feature added to the Twitter service, and you can see that they have already taken steps to provide this feature to many Twitter users.

This feature is running normally, but it is reported that some of the Fleets posted via this feature will not be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

It is also reported that this Twitter API bug has made it possible for other people to view and download these Fleets without being seen by the person who posted them.
In a statement to The Verge, Twitter said it was aware of the incident and was already working to resolve the issue.

However, Fleets posted on Twitter can only be viewed by other people for 24 hours, but the information about those Fleets as well as the people who viewed them will be retained by Twitter for another 30 days.

The Verge website further states that if any Twitter user downloads their information through the Twitter Data facility within these 30 days, that information will also include information related to these Fleets.

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