How to use your Android Phone Camera with PC Zoom App

After seeing the previous post, some teachers asked how to use the phone as a camera and do a Zoom Meeting with a PC. I’ll tell you the simplest way to work through this post that it will be important to others.

  1. Enable Developer Options
    Enable the Developer Options of Android Phone first. For that first, go to setting and go to About Phone. There’s the Build Number. Touch on it a few times. Then they will show that you are a developer. Then the work will be done. Xiaomi setting ->About Phone->All specs-> Touch on MIUI Version several times.
  2. Enable USB Debugging
    Now the setting is showing developer options in settings. There’s the USB debugging option to enable it.
  3. Download and Install Droid Cam Android
    Install the Droidcam app in this link.
  4. Download and Install Droidcam Windows Client
    Download and install the windows client software to the PC through this link.
  5. Connect Phone As Camera
    Now plug USB data cable. There they are asking whether to share the file. There is no need to select any option. Just to skip. Open the Droidcam and see. The camera view will be shown. Open the Windows Client and go to the USB option. There is the Start button. Click it and see the camera view of the phone will be shown in the windows client. So now the work is right.
  6. Select camera mode in Zoom
    The camera that can be selected when you start the zoom meeting from the PC and click the video icon right. Select the droid cam there. Now the work is done.

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