How to Screen Share on Facebook Messenger

Hey, Are you locked in your home and look for a way to set up a meeting or lecture? Then this post is for you.

Let’s jump into the matter, it’s corona time all over the world, and corona has made the people to get locked in their house and pushed to spend hours within walls.

Still, the students, business people, and more overall, the people looked for an alternative way to conduct their routine or at least some activities through some platform.

During this lockdown, some exciting platforms and apps launched on the Internet. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and Skype Business are some of the leading apps used in education and business.

While these platforms on top of the Internet, one of the tech beast Facebook also put its step into this battle, and they introduced the Screen Sharing feature to their Messenger.

The desktop version of Facebook Messenger can share the screen for a short time, but mobile apps have been able to do that yet.

However, Facebook reported that It had taken steps to add a screen-sharing facility among mobile devices through its latest version of Messenger.

This feature allows you to share the screen of your phone or tablet with one friend or through group chat or the Messenger Rooms feature.

Messenger allows you to share your screen (or your camera roll, your Instagram feed, or whatever you like) with up to 8 people in group chats and up to 16 people in Messenger Rooms.

However, Facebook says it intends to expand the feature to up to 50 people in Messenger Rooms and that the update will now be available for all Android, iOS, Desktop, and Web apps.

Now, let’s get the fun..

How to Screen Share on Facebook Mobile Messenger

  1. Update your messenger to the latest version
  2. Make a group call or Create Message room
  3. Then swipe up and down the screen to get call options during a call.
  4. Now click “share your screen”
  5. Finally “start sharing,” and then “start broadcast”.(Here, Facebook will give you some warnings, which will prevent you from sharing anything by mistake.)
  6. All done now 🙂 you will be able to broadcast as you like on your phone.
screen share
Facebook Messenger Screen Share set up

My thoughts,

According to my experience, screen sharing is already available on several video chat services, including Skype and Zoom desktop version with better user experience but when we look for a screen share feature especially on mobile devices. Facebook Messenger Screen Share is a Massive roll out to mobile users.

Don’t wait, let’s grab the Facebook Messenger Screen share and have fun with mobile device. Cheers 😀

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