How to Enable App lock feature on Facebook Messenger – Best and 1st way

We are using Facebook Messenger for almost a decade since from its launched it being updated with many features such as Emoji , Stickers , Video Calls and now recently Screen Sharing.

While we are using messenger ,we have privacy and security concern like in case of our phone lost or stolen and if our phone is not protected with pass code, we might want to keep our app data safe .

To get rid of this problem Facebook has brought an important privacy update feature ‘App Lock’

so why still waiting ?

Let’s see How to Enable App lock feature on Facebook Messenger ?

So your best friend no more able to take screenshots of your little secrets and post them online to tease you. 😛 My friend definitely does this so it’s time to save my Facebook Messenger.

How to activate Facebook Messenger App Lock

  1. Update your Facebook Messenger (iOS) to the latest version.
  2. Open messenger Click on the profile picture on the left corner.
  3. You will see a tab ‘Privacy’ Click on it.
  4. In the Privacy tab, you can see ‘App Lock’ Click on it
  5. Enable App lock for Facebook messenger there using face id or touch id according to your mobile.
  6. All Done, You are secured 😀

After activating the App Lock feature, you will need to provide Face ID or Touch ID authentication before opening Facebook Messenger.

Facebook will not allow anyone to access the Messenger Chats while your mobile phone is being unlocked.

Facebook further states that Facebook will not transfer or store the user’s fingerprint or face data.

the company plans to add a few more privacy controls in the coming months in addition to the App Lock feature.

The feature is available for iPhone and iPad users and will be available for Android users in the coming months.


Leading social media messengers Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram already secured their users with perfect privacy and security features in that lineup and now Facebook has brought a major privacy update to its Messenger. Like that, if our most need app providers bring privacy updates like this we won’t worry about our privacy while our phone is unlocked.

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