How Corona virus and Technology affected Our lives in Top10 Ways

corona vs tech
corona vs tech

In early times, students woke up early in the morning, because of school. Students wake up and ready to go school, students study for their bright life. If there are any examinations, they are studying very hard to get a good score in the examination. They seriously concentrate on their studies.

Students didn’t have the time to spend with mobile phones (Social media like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, etc.) Because of that, they focused on their studies.

What’s going on now ?

Is Corona changing our Sri Lankan education system?

Yes, Corona changed our education system. Most people affected by a coronavirus. Other than this, most of the students who are aged 3+ to university students are affected day by day because of digital display rays.

Today (3)Three years old child also has a smartphone and laptop. If that child started to use digital devices at this age. When he/she grows up with most of the diseases like a dim eye, night dim, brain-related diseases.

Students stopped their thinking ability because all depends on the internet and smartphone (Technology). In the future, it will be a big issue for the whole world. But one of the facts is corona is also the kind of reason to get diseases at a small age.

We are the only ones who need to take care of our lives be safe from coronavirus- How to get rid of COVID-19

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