Google Chat New Pin Feature Update

Google Chat
Google Chat

People are increasingly using services like Google Chat to connect with friends, family and loved ones, and Google has added two new features to Google Chat that have never been seen before.

One of the key features of Google Chat is the ability to pin conversations, and pinning a conversation shows the pinned conversation at the top of Gmail chats.

It is also reported that various customers, including Workspace Essentials and G Suite Basic, will have the opportunity to use this feature from the beginning of this week.

Another new feature for Google Chat is that chat conversations allow users to schedule meetings for Google Calendar directly.

This feature can be accessed by tapping the new calendar icon in the compose bar, allowing users to customize the invite, including the date, time and participants, and then share it with others via chat.

If you use Google Chat from your mobile phone, the Google Calendar app will open to draft an event, and if you draft an event from the web while using Chat, the Calendar will pop out as a side panel.

This feature is already implemented for the Android Gmail app and the Chat Android mobile app, but Google has further stated that this feature will soon be supported for the iOS app as well.

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